A little about us

OmanCTB Mission

  • Establishing the basis for improving the quality of life through innovations and information and communication technology and providing comprehensive solutions that can be used in the field of business intelligence in Oman
  • Trying to internationalize, commercialize, export services and products by finding regional and international strategic partners in Oman, establishing representation and developing sustainable cooperation in order to expand domestic and Oman markets.
  • Completing the chain in the field of information and communication technology, including intellectual property, software, hardware, network in targeted markets in economic, industrial, commercial and service fields in Oman.
  • Achieving maximum customer satisfaction and satisfaction by relying on efficient and creative human resources and creating optimal solutions in the management and implementation of large projects and providing products and services that exceed their expectations.
  • Creating the ground for the realization of the vision in the fields of management, employees, attracting elites.
    Development and dissemination of the value-added service industry and the provision of cultural content in digital format on carrier and online platforms in order to improve customer satisfaction in this area in the country and in countries with common Oman culture.

Start Our Activity

We started our activity in the two areas of website design and content creation.



After a decade, we expanded our activity and grew to nine business areas.



In the last two years, with the growth of business intelligence in Oman and cloud businesses, we succeeded in designing management dashboards.

37Expert Members
12+Years of Exprience
2kCases Completed
500Satisfied Customers


7*24 Services

OmanCTB services are supported all hours a day, and in case of emergency, an expert will be at the customer’s place as soon as possible.

Leading Technologies

The latest technologies are used in providing OmanCTB services and the relevant specialized team is always being trained.

High Expert Experienced

Presence in international markets has made us to be with you with a set of experience.
reza rouholamini the owner of Oman CTB

Dr.Reza Rouholamini

Co founder, Manager

CEO’s speech

Today, organizations are successful in the field of competition that are faster than others to observe continuous changes in the environment and benefit from fleeting opportunities. We have always believed that science, experience and expertise should have this ability to serve other companies. Therefore, from the beginning of our establishment, by planning development-oriented strategies and by creating high-quality services and assembling a team of experts, dynamic and empathetic, we have created conditions so that, away from exaggerations and slogans, we can bring more satisfaction and satisfaction to our customers, who are true partners and provide the constant companions of our successes.
Another goal of OmanCTB is to create an organizational and cultural infrastructure suitable for creating an agile organization that conforms to global standards and benefits from new knowledge and technologies in Oman. Therefore, we very much hope that in the coming years, we will consciously and boldly move along the path of development and see the story of our successes from the words of our loyal customers season by season.

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