Why do you need a Exhibition Service in Oman?

Considering the holding of numerous exhibitions in Oman and also the urgent need of some companies for specialized and responsive personnel to visitors, OmanCTB Company offers this service so that domestic and foreign companies can use the service if they need experts. use OmanCTB for the exhibition.
Exhibition companies can contact our support department to find out how to cooperate with OmanCTB and also to provide exhibition staff.

Exhibition Services:

  • Booth Design
  • Interior Decoration
  • Brand Stand
  • Print & Advertisement
  • Interpreter in the booth
seminar & Exhibition Service By OmanCTB

Why you choose OmanCTB?

OmanCTB, with many years of experience in VIP Service with expert employees, is proud to provide the right services with the highest quality in the shortest time.

OmanCTB Exhibition Management Department is one of the best and is still the only company on Oman who provide Interpreter and VIP booth service ​Conference planning from concept to delivery.

OmanCTB VIP planners will work with you to create a program that exceeds your attendees’ expectations. Using our vast experience and network, we will help you create an event to remember.

Our team will be available from concept to delivery providing the required levels of support to ensure a Fair that surpasses potential.

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