Why do you need a Network Support in oman?

Computer Network Support is the concept of maintenance, care and fixing of network faults in software and hardware parts. Having a network support team is absolutely necessary in today’s world because it deals with the security of information in computer networks and if it is not provided correctly and in a short period of time, it will cause irreparable damage to the organization.

OmanCTB network department, the provider of network service in Oman, is aware of the importance of this issue and is constantly improving the knowledge of its engineering team in accordance with modern science so that it can solve computer problems and Prevent the network and fix it as soon as possible if a problem occurs.

When will you need network support ?

  • If you are not satisfied with the current contractor?
  • Is the network speed low or does it always disconnect and connect?
  • Do you have internet problems and the internet company is not responsive?
  • Network information is not consistent and scattered on systems?
  • Are you not sure about information security and are you worried about the security of company data?
  • Some of the company’s software or hardware have problems and the work is delayed?
  • Is your printer, scanner and fax broken and having problems?
  • Do you have serious problems in sending and receiving emails?
  • Don’t have a clear vision of the organization’s IT department?
  • Software companies do not give a suitable answer to solve the problem and see the problem elsewhere?

Unlimited remote support

By modifying the computer network structure of the groups requesting network support service, OmanCTB prevents many unfortunate events from happening, and in case of unforeseen problems, they can be resolved through remote access.

Unlimited phone support

In some cases, when the problems arise for superficial users, OmanCTB experts can guide the intended user over the phone so that the small problem can be solved in the shortest possible time.

Unlimited live support

If the insurmountable problems cannot be solved by remote control, the nearest network support expert will be sent to the employer’s place to solve the problem and they will start the process of following up the problem immediately.

Why you choose OmanCTB network support?

With a long history in this field, OmanCTB network department pledges to always implement the most appropriate and cost-effective strategies to prevent network failure and create security for your organization. The engineering team and experts of OmanCTB are among the best engineers and all of them have academic education and network certificates.
OmanCTB provides high-quality services based on many years of experience and ultimately provides complete peace of mind for each person in your company so that you can safely focus on your business.

  • 12 years of work experience
  • Diversity of customers of the contracting party
  • Work commitment to the employer and responsibility
  • Documentation of information required by the employer
  • Periodic visit and timely network support
  • Adjust the contract according to the customer’s needs
  • Providing advice on system optimization
  • Efforts to obtain customer satisfaction

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