omanctb provide HR Dashboard in Oman for oraganizations

HR Dashboard in Oman

HR Dashboard in Oman and HR report is an integral part of HR management. Both tools are important for making informed decisions in HR. Why? Because it’s difficult to manage things when HR business partners and other stakeholders don’t have a vision for their organization.

Of course, never fear, HR reporting can solve this problem! Maybe you ask yourself how? Well, that’s what you’ll find in your HR management dashboard, and that’s what we’re going to talk about here at omanctb.

Here we have everything you need to know about HR dashboards in Oman.

HR Dashboard in Oman by OmanCTB

Application of human resources dashboard

  • HR monitoring and regular reporting enables HR to keep the pulse of the organization by tracking key workforce metrics in HR Dashboard in Oman.

New trends and opportunities can be recognized early on, and emerging problems can be addressed before they have a significant impact on the business.

  • Human resource report management information can also help managers do their jobs better in HR Dashboard in Oman.

HR reports can inform managers about relevant developments in their teams and departments. For example, when the marketing department is struggling with high turnover and a long time to hire, managers are more likely to emphasize employee retention and be aware of risks such as longer replacement times when someone is about to leave.

  • You can track problem areas in HR Dashboard in Oman.

HR reporting also provides a great way to track key problem areas in a transparent manner. Transparency in the turnover rate per manager encourages them to pay more attention to employee retention because their reputation is on the line! By tracking problem areas, HR can use its position to make improvements.

this management dashboards create by Power-bi Application which can provides the web Access, Mobile access with a high security level and all of the dashboard has an admin manual which created by Dr.Reza Rouholamini the official Microsoft Trainer

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