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OmanCTB management dashboards can be divided into different types based on their use. Below are some types of management dashboards in Oman:

management dashboards in Oman by omanCTB
management dashboards in Oman by Oman ctb

1- Strategic dashboard in Oman’s organization

A strategic management dashboard is a dashboard that allows the manager to quickly monitor the operational status of the company and based on that, he can quickly make decisions, summarize the past and set strategic goals for the future.

The operational situation here is what happened in the past. For this reason, we do not need real-time data in the strategic dashboard, but there must be an accurate picture of critical information. This dashboard helps managers to get reports at any time so that departments and organizations can move in line with goals. Just like the dashboard of a car or airplane, the manager can see the current state of the organization and make instant decisions based on it.

( For example, revenue management dashboard and expense management dashboard)

2- Analytical management dashboard in Oman’s organization

In addition to displaying information in general, the analytical management dashboard allows the manager to drill down into each part and see the cause of the phenomena. By drilling down and linking the parameters, they look for the cause of the problems in the data.

For example, why has sales performance decreased? This dashboard is suitable for middle managers who implement the organization’s strategies. They should find problems, prioritize them and act accordingly.

(For example, progress management dashboard and human resource management dashboard)

3- Operational management dashboard in Oman’s organization

The operational management dashboard emphasizes real-time and continuous data reporting. An operational dashboard is designed to monitor daily progress and output so that managers can be sure that the expected program is on track with actual achievements. In other words, they ensure the realization of strategic goals by checking daily data.

(For example, transportation and distribution monitoring dashboard)

Using the management dashboard, you can study and review a large amount of information and make the right decisions. As we said, the management dashboard can check the data through a graphical and visual interface. Also, management dashboards can display numbers, key performance indicators (KPI) and in some cases performance scorecards on a separate page with different access for high-level managers of the Oman ministry and organization.thus By means of this information, business managers, while viewing an overview of their organization, can secure it against various risks and crises and also examine various opportunities for the organization’s progress. In fact, the OmanCTB management dashboard  is considered as the output of the business intelligence system.

this management dashboards create by Power-bi Application which can provides the web Access, Mobile access with a high security level and all of the dashboard has an admin manual which created by Dr.Reza Rouholamini the official Microsoft Trainer.

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